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Cost of Moving

When the rent at Meetinghouse Apartments goes up, we understand the temptation to shop and see what else is available.

We don’t want to see you leave, so please factor in the costs of moving as you contemplate your decision. In addition to the wear and tear on you and the friends and family you enlist to help you, it will cost you over $500 to move. You’ll also need to save enough cash for the first month’s rent and security deposit.

Here’s an example of the costs of a typical budget move.

Cost of Moving

  • Apartment moving kit with 35 boxes and tape $100
  • Rental truck $2.95 + $1.49 per mile $55
  • Pizza, beer and soda for you and 3 friends $60
  • Day off from work to pack, move or shop for an apartment $200
  • Gas and wear and tear on your car visiting three communities $20
  • Application fee / credit check $75

Total $510

Cash Needed to Move

  • First month’s rent and security deposit $2400
  • Cost of Moving $500

Total $2900

We appreciate that you chose to call Meetinghouse Apartment home and we hope that you’ll continue living with us for a long time. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the leasing office.

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