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Design a Cheese Plate to Impress Your Guests at Meetinghouse in Boothwyn

September 11, 2014

You'd like to create a cheese plate for a party you're planning at your apartment at Meetinghouse, but you're not sure what to offer. What kind of cheese do you buy? How much do you need? To learn how to prepare a cheese plate that your guests will love, follow these tips:

  1. Buy the right amount of cheese. To be safe, make sure you have at least two ounces for each guest. Add up the number of guests you expect and do the math before you head to the store.
  2. Combine hard and soft cheeses. Make sure to offer a good mix. A balanced cheese plate will include a combination of hard cheeses like aged Gouda, and soft cheeses such as goat cheese.
  3. Offer intense and mild flavors. Keep variety in mind and offer cheeses ranging from mild to intense. Mozzarella is a good mild option while a firm Gruyere fits into the intense cheese category.
  4. Consider presentation. Serve the cheese on a wooden platter, leaving a few inches of space between each. Make sure to have a different knife available for each one, as well as small plates for your guests. Also, set out crackers or bread to serve as palette cleansers.

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