A mound of broken rice, piping-hot barbecue pork rolls, and colorful spring rolls converge in the com tam thit nuong chai glo, just one of the many traditional Vietnamese dishes on the menu at Oriental Pearl Restaurant in Boothwyn. It’s a favorite among regular customers, but given that this is the most popular eatery in Boothwyn, you can’t really go wrong with any of the Asian dishes. Plus, Oriental Pearl resides less than two miles from Meetinghouse, making it as convenient as it is locally beloved.

Pho and other classic Vietnamese dishes make up most of the menu, but it also contains some staples from Chinese and Thai cuisine. Try the curried seafood, the Thai sweet and sour chicken, or the Bangkok duck if the slew of Vietnamese dishes doesn’t offer enough variety for you. Tempura and teriyaki are also offered at Oriental Pearl Restaurant in Boothwyn.

Oriental Pearl Restaurant
3601 Chichester Avenue
Boothwyn, PA 19061
(484) 480-6538