You traipse down the banks of the Brandywine River, a bright inner tube in tow. Wade into the middle of the river, plunk down your tube, and hop inside. Then, drift along the river, carried by its softly flowing currents, until you arrive at the pickup point about 1.5 miles downriver. This is where you'll meet back up with a rep from Wilderness Canoe Trips and board a shuttle back to your car at the starting point.

Floating along in an inner tube is just one way that you can enjoy the Brandywine with Wilderness Canoe Trips. If you're looking for a more athletic outing, call to reserve a spot on one of the boating trips. Choose a canoe, a tandem kayak, or a solo kayak and the distance of your journey, either six miles or 12. Then show up at the launching spot with nothing but yourself in comfy clothing. Wilderness Canoe Trips will provide the watercraft, life jackets, and instruction you need to safely navigate the waters.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Free-Photos