Nothing about Brew HaHa! is cookie-cutter. Even the aesthetic in each of its nine locations is totally different. The North Wilmington branch, which is only a stone's throw away from Meetinghouse, boasts plenty of natural sunlight, comfy chairs and couches, and an artful hodgepodge of rustic wooden tables.

The distinct look of the cafe hints at the baristas' approach to coffee. They strive to create each drink with great care, ensuring that it's crafted to precisely to customer specifications using unique techniques. Their classic coffee comes several ways, from hot pour-overs and siphon-created cups to nitrogen-infused cold brew coffees. You can also order a Chemex for two and share the freshly brewed java with a friend. However, the lattes are beautiful and decadent, so you may want to try one of these at Brew Haha!