Enjoy Authentic Fare at Newly Opened Rasa Indian Cuisine

May 23, 2018

A meal of Indian fare is only as good as the freshly tandoor-baked bread that you use to sop up the leftovers. That's why Rasa Indian Cuisine, which opened in February, offers a dozen bread options. There's the classic plain naan, as well as garlic-infused and butter-laden options, and stuffed breads like the onion kulcha or aloo paratha filled with potatoes, ginger, and cumin.

Pick your bread and then choose a main dish to enjoy alongside of it. The chicken vindaloo showcases tender meat seasoned with chili, vinegar, red chili paste, and blend of spices. You can also skip the meat and enjoy one of the vegetarian entrees, perhaps the popular malai kofta, a ball of cheese packed with dried fruits and a tomato-infused gravy. Save some room for a signature dessert like the carrot halwa, a sweet dish of shredded carrots with milk and nuts.