The Newlin family came to Pennsylvania in the late 1600s from Ireland in search of religious freedom and economic prosperity. They established the Newlin Grist Mill in 1704 to grind grains and export them all over the world, and it quickly boosted the local economy. In fact, the mill continued to operate for nearly 250 years. Today, it's a historic site and a spot where nature flourishes freely. In fact, fishing at Newlin Grist Mill has become a popular local pastime.

Now through October 31st, come to the pond at Newlin Grist Mill on Saturday or Sunday (as well as Fridays through the end of August) to cast your line and see what you reel in. The pond is stocked with trout, so even the novice angler shouldn't have trouble landing a big catch. If you don't want to take the fish home, donate it to the Tri-State Bird Rescue to feed injured bald eagles and osprey. It costs $5 to fish for the day plus $4 per catch.

Public Domain/Pixabay/langll