Whether you prefer to blaze mountain bike trails or just casually glide along a paved surface, there are many great opportunities for awesome bicycling near Meetinghouse. If you’re looking for more info on bicycling technique, repairs, or equipment, give these three websites a read before you hit the road.

Sheldon Brown
If you’re curious to learn more about the technical aspect of bicycles, Sheldon Brown is for you. This basic website is chock-full of technical info regarding bicycle parts, frames, and accessories. Looking to fix your bicycle yourself? Be sure to check out the website’s guide to the world’s best bicycle supply shops.

Bike Commuting 101
For those who commute to work by bike, Bike Commuting 101 has many helpful tips to aid you in a speedy and safe commute. Expect subjects like how to freshen up at work and how to deal with aggressive drivers.

Bicycle Touring
Interesting in traveling the world on a bike? This website explores “bicycle touring,” the act of riding a bike for extended periods of time in order to explore and sight-see a new country or city. Before you set out on your next tour, read this site for info regarding beginners’ steps, the best types of touring bikes, and the best routes to follow.