Decorating the tree is one of the most anticipated holiday traditions of the season. You spend quality time as a family reminiscing over the keepsake ornaments you've accumulated from years past. When it's time to trim the tree this year, keep these tips in mind if you're going for an elegant and chic look:

  1. Choose the type of tree. A real tree smells good and has a rustic look, while a fake tree is much easier to set up. Decide which one suits your style.
  2. Pick a color scheme. Your tree will look a lot more professional if it has an obvious color scheme. Sure, you can go with the traditional green and red, but consider sparkling silver and gold, which will shine even more thanks to the lights.
  3. String the small lights around the tree. If your tree isn't pre-lit, small white lights should be the first addition to the tree.
  4. Next, add the solid colored ball ornaments. Purchase multi-packs of ball ornaments in a color that matches your scheme. Leave even amounts of space between the balls and hang them all over the tree.
  5. Add the finishing touches. Lastly, add a personal touch to your tree by hanging the keepsake ornaments. Fill in the empty spaces that were left by the other ornaments.

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