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Meetinghouse v. Competitor


Costs of Rent
Monthly Rental Payment (required)
Concession Amount (Total for Lease Term)
Total Annual Rental Payments
Monthly Total
Net Savings/(Expense) from Leasing at the Meetinghouse based on Concession*
Other Cost of Living Charges
One Time Fees
Full Security Deposit
Application Fee
Amenity Fee
Admininstration Fee
Pet Fee
Misc. Fees
One Time Moving Expenses
Truck Rental
Packing Supplies / Boxes
Lost Wages
Misc. Moving Fees
Monthly Charges
Pet Rent
Trash/Rubbish Removal
Electric & Gas
Covered Parking
Washer/Dryer Rental
Misc. Monthly Costs
Total Move-In Costs
Monthly Total (for a 12 month lease)
Net Savings/(Expense) from Leasing at Meetinghouse, Total Move-In Costs*
Net Monthly Savings/(Expense) from Leasing at Meetinghouse*
*Positve number is in favor of leasing at Meetinghouse

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