Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens consists of an arrangement of colorful, eclectic, and creative works of art. Don't expect to see flowers in this display. Instead, you'll see trash-turned-treasures and will likely be in awe of its beauty.

Make the short trip from your Meetinghouse apartment to learn about this unique spin on art. Artist Isaiah Zagar designed murals and mirrored mosaic works of art that are displayed both inside and outside of Philadelphia’s Magic Garden. A wall decorated with tile extends from the interior of the building to an outdoor space, which stretches for a half of a block along the famous South Street. Some of the art is made from glass bottles, shattered mirrors, and bicycle wheels. It's a unique compilation that makes for a visually appealing display.

Adults can purchase tickets for $7, students and seniors pay $5, and tickets for children cost $3. After you visit Philadelphia's Magic Garden, you are sure to look at a broken mirror or a piece of glass a bit differently!

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens
1020 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 733-0390