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Poppy’s: Don’t Miss the “Famous” Mashed Potato Bowls

May 3, 2017

Bacon, Carolina pulled pork, shredded beef or turkey in gravy, and stuffing are the ingredients ready to go for the “famous” mashed potato bowls at Poppy’s. With creamy potatoes as the base, you can build your feast from the bowl up with these meaty toppings. That is, unless you’d prefer a hot or cold sandwich, a wrap, or one of Poppy’s signature sandwiches.

Many customers come just for the breakfast, which includes wraps filled with your favorite breakfast foods and flaky biscuits fashioned into breakfast sandwiches. Order freshly made hash browns on the side and add a Cubano, Cortado, espresso, or a simple cup of cold-brew coffee to your meal too. Whether you’re craving breakfast or lunch, you’ll find the perfect dish at Poppy’s.

CC-BY-2.0/Flickr loustejskal