From fresh tomatoes to just-plucked flowers, Produce Junction has everything you’d expect from a grocery store. What’s different is the pricing. Prices at Produce Junction are almost unbelievably cheap, despite the fact that the produce is fresh and seasonal. The market saves money by only accepting cash and not bothering with any aesthetic frills, and those savings are factored directly into what you spend on your grocery bill.

So come to Produce Junction when you need some fresh fruits and veggies to add to your meal at our apartments in Boothwyn, PA. Green leaf lettuce starts at just $2 for two heads, whereas five pieces of eggplant will run you only $2. A dozen eggs go for about a dollar and a massive bag of spinach (perfect for freezing) only costs $4. Regardless of what you’re looking for in food or flowers, chances are Produce Junction has it—and at a bargain price.