Before taking the kids to the pool, beach, or even just outside of your Meetinghouse apartment to play, make sure to protect them from the sun. It's important for everyone to make an effort to protect their skin, but children's and babies' skin is especially delicate. Read these four tips before heading out into the sun:

  1. Regardless of the weather, make sure to protect your child's skin. Sunscreen should not be applied only when the sun is out. The sun's rays can be strong even if it's cold, cloudy, or windy, so make sure to take precautions.
  2. Choose your sunscreen wisely. Babies should use sunscreen that has a SPF of at least 30 and full-spectrum protection. Check the label to make sure the bottle you purchase meets these requirements.
  3. You can never use too much sunscreen. The more sunscreen you apply to your child, the better. When it comes to lathering sunscreen on toddlers, use about half an ounce — which is equivalent to the size of your child's hand — of sunscreen to cover the whole body.
  4. Apply sunscreen numerous times. To get the best results, apply sunscreen numerous times while your child is out in the sun, at least every two hours. If your child is swimming, you should apply even more often, or use waterproof sunscreen.

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