Rigatoni’s Famous Crab Cakes: No Filler Necessary in These Authentic Crab Cakes

October 18, 2016

The signature recipe that chefs use at Rigatoni’s Famous Crab Cakes was actually created in Baltimore, so you can rest assured that it results in an authentic crab cake. There are no fillers in Rigatoni’s take on the crab cake, which is part of the reason the eatery has actually become locally famous, despite its modest location in a nearby mall.

Order the crab cake stuffed inside a sandwich with field greens and tomato, plus chips and a pickle on the side. Or dig into a bread bowl loaded with house-made crab dip. You can also indulge in the Supreme Crab Combo dish, which showcases fries smothered with the signature crab dip, plus a four-ounce crab cake, mozzarella, and the house sauce. Order a plate of the crab cakes all on their own or try one of the other crab-centric eats, such as the crab balls, the crab-stuffed mushrooms, the crab-stuffed onion ring, or the crab-stuffed shrimp.