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Shop High-Quality, Low-Priced Groceries at the Newly Opened Lidl in Folsom

February 27, 2019

Lidl, a grocery store operated by the same parent company as Aldi, does things a bit differently. Its founders are obsessed with high quality and low prices, so they find creative ways to bring both into the same sphere. 

They ask you to bring a quarter to “rent” a cart, which you’ll get back when you neatly tuck your cart back into line after your trip. They don’t offer plastic bags—you’re encouraged to bring your own or buy reusable or brown paper bags at the store. They also don’t restock items one by one. Instead, their private-label items come in customized boxes that simply get swapped out when they’re empty. This allows Lidl to save money on frills, and use those savings to bring you carefully curated products at low prices. The team works with local farmers and trusted brands, and they also create their own line of top-notch products sold at the store. Since a Lidl opened in Folsom last December, you can now check out the up-and-coming chain.