Store Your Jewelry and Accessories at Meetinghouse With These Tips

September 10, 2015

Instead of storing your jewelry in a haphazard manner at Meetinghouse, get organized with these storage solutions:

Dress Form Jewelry Holder [luckyshops.com]
If you’re a fan of vintage decor, this functional and fashionable jewelry holder will suit your style just perfectly. For an extra touch, place a hat on the head of the dress form.

Jelly Jar Hair Accessory Holder [glamour.com]
Rather than throwing your bobby pins and hair ties in your dresser drawer, keep them organized with this jelly jar accessory holder. This way all of your hair pieces will be in one place.

Shadow Box Jewelry Holder [marthastewart.com]
Now you can admire your favorite jewelry whether you are wearing it or not. Purchase a shadow box and line it with a piece of wallpaper. Add a few hooks and place your necklaces on them. To make sure you have easy access to the jewelry, remove the glass on the front.