Managing money is a challenge for many people. In an effort to pay for all of your expenses and still save some money, take a few minutes at Meetinghouse and check out these frugal spending tips:

  1. Keep an eye on your utilities. Don't just pay your utilities automatically without taking a look at the details. Analyze how much you spend on each bill, such as your cell phone or cable bill, and contact the company if you think you could get a better rate. Sometimes all it takes is to ask.
  2. Shop for discounted or off-brand items. Whether you're shopping for food or clothing, consider purchasing generic items. If you're attached to your favorite brand of yogurt or those name-brand running sneakers, that's okay! Just try to be thrifty when shopping for other items.
  3. Plan your meals. If you don't bring your lunch to work or plan dinner, you'll probably end up eating out, which can become costly. Pack a few brown bag lunches for the week and make a schedule of meals that you'll prepare for dinner each week, then go food shopping for everything you need.

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