If you had to guess where the next up-and-coming winemaking region would be, what would you say? It’s hard to know where to start when unpacking that question, but you might not realize that the answer is not too far away. The northern Piedmont plateau in Southeast Pennsylvania, in fact, might just be the next location that becomes a wine-lover’s destination, due in no small part to the presence of Va La Vineyards. And wine enthusiasts are lucky to have this thriving winery nearby because Va La even offers tours.

What makes wine critics give such recognition to this local winery? Well, in part, it’s because of Anthony Vietri’s approach to creating wines, which results in a variety of vinos that are bold, complex, and certainly worth sipping. This level of care is also apparent in the various events held at the vineyard, from piano concerts to tastings and more. It all makes for an experience you won’t soon forget, so will you be stopping by this local vineyard?