Taste Test the City’s Best Suds on The Ultimate Philly Beer Tour by City Brew Tours

September 20, 2017

Flying Fish Brewing Co. Dock Street Brewery. Evil Genius Beer. Whether you know it or not, these craft beer breweries live right in your backyard. They’re just a few of the local breweries that make Philadelphia a top destination for craft beer lovers. The Ultimate Philly Beer Tour by City Brew Tours takes you behind the scenes of a handful of these unique brewhouses.

On a typical tour, you’ll visit three or four breweries scattered around Philadelphia and southern New Jersey, shuttled from one to the next by one of City Brew Tour’s designated drivers. Each stop includes a tour of the brewery with a run-down of the process that its brewers enlist to craft their suds. Along the way, tour-goers enjoy samples of up to 16 different types of beer across the stops. The tours typically include a meal, as well, accompanied by tips for pairing foods with beers. Tours are held all week long with morning and afternoon options on the weekends.