Want to research fuel-efficient cars from your couch at home at Meetinghouse? These three online guides can help, offering invaluable information to help you make an educated purchase.

A website from the U.S. Department of Energy, FuelEconomy.gov enables you to learn all about fuel-efficient cars' benefits and EPA ratings, and you can research the differences between fuel cell vehicles, flex-fuel vehicles, hybrids, plug-ins, and the like. There are even tips about how to save money and gas!

Car Talk
If you have concerns about the environment and rising gas prices, Car Talk's "Guide to Better Fuel Economy" is for you. Here you'll find maintenance and driving tips that will help you conserve gas, presented in easy-to-read infographic format.

One of the most all-inclusive automobile websites out there, Edmunds boasts an entire section on Fuel Economy and Green Cars, which addresses major issues relating to gas conservation and helping the environment. Here, you can expect in-depth articles about new fuel-efficient cars on the market, emissions mandates, and much more.

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