What to Do This Weekend: Visit the Brandywine Zoo

August 21, 2019

If you’ve yet to meet Sherman at the Brandywine Zoo, plan a trip this weekend. He’s the resident red panda, a transplant from the Detroit Zoo. The cute red panda likes to entertain his onlookers by chewing on bamboo and lounging in the trees that dot his habitat. He’s just one of the many critters who call the Brandywine Zoo home.

Some of his fellow mammals include the swift fox, the golden lion tamarin, and the North American porcupine. You can come to meet them at the Brandywine Zoo, along with other creatures like birds, reptiles, and even Italian honey bees. Since the zoo resides right in Brandywine Park, it’s always easy to find free parking along the river. Snag a spot and pay the general admission fee ($7 for adults) to explore the zoo’s many habitats.