“Where’s the roll?” It’s apparently a pretty common question at Don’s Deli, where staffers tend to pile so much meat on every sandwich that sometimes the roll seems like a mere afterthought. Customers aren’t complaining, though. The meats are always fresh and high quality, so as far as patrons are concerned, the more the better.

So swing by on your way to the office or your lunch break to grab a cheesesteak, sandwich, or hoagie — it’s just a quick drive from Meetinghouse. There’s always corned beef on rye with slaw and Russian dressing, a deli classic, as well as the traditional ham and cheese. Italian, roast beef, and turkey subs round out the list of hoagies. You can also skip the lunch meat and opt for a heaping pile of fried chicken instead, or sink your teeth into a classic Philly cheesesteak (mushrooms optional). Sides like fries, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings

Don’s Deli
1509 Meetinghouse Road
Boothwyn, PA 19061
(610) 485-6442