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Work out From Home!

Meetinghouse Fitness Center


As a Meetinghouse Resident, you have keyfob access 24/7, 365 to your own community Fitness Center.

For Cardio or Weight Training, any time of Day or Night, Exclusively for Residents of Meetinghouse! Contact our Chichester apartments today for more information!

Fitness Center Location:


  • Residents and Guests Will Adhere to the Rules and Regulations Posted in the Fitness Center and Management Policies.
  • The Fitness Center is not Supervised. Resident(s) are Solely Responsible for Their Own Appropriate Use of Equipment.
  • Resident(s) Shall Carefully Inspect Each Piece of Equipment Prior to Resident’s Use and Shall Refrain From Using Any Equipment That May be Functioning Improperly or That May be Damaged or Dangerous.
  • Resident(s) Shall Immediately Report to Management Any Equipment that is Not Functioning Properly, is Damaged or Appears Dangerous, as Well any Other Person’s use that appears to be dangerous or in violation of Management Rules and Policies
  • Resident(s) Shall Consult a Physician Before Using Any Equipment in the Fitness Center and Before Participating in Any Aerobics or Exercise Class, and Will Refrain From Such Use or Participation Unless Approved by Resident’s Physician.
  • Resident(s) Will Keep Fitness Center Locked at All Times During Resident’s Visit to the Fitness Center.
  • Resident(s) Will not Admit Any Person to the Fitness Center Who has not Registered With the Management Office.
  • Anyone Who Uses the Fitness Center and its Equipment Must Fully Comprehend its Inherent Risks and Dangers. Those Who are Unable to Comprehend the Inherent Risks and Dangers Must be Supervised by an Adult.
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