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Don’t Skip the Fried Wontons at Dim Sum-Mania

October 30, 2019

Chef Tom Guo is no newcomer to the culinary scene. He’s been crafting high-quality dim sum for more than 30 years. That makes him more than qualified to run the kitchen at Dim Sum-Mania, where he continues to put his impressive skills on display every day.

He and his kitchen team created dozens of different bite-sized dishes designed for sharing, with a heavy emphasis on dumplings. Start by sharing the veggie, crab meat, and Shanghai pork soup dumplings, perhaps with a side of spring rolls or shrimp rolls. You can also dig into beef or pork pancakes, fried cheese wontons, and buns stuffed with pork or veggies, to name just a few of the other options. If you don’t feel like sharing, the remainder of the menu features larger entrees, noodle dishes, and fried rice plates.

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