Big Sky Bread Company: Fresh Loaves Each Morning

August 8, 2016

Big Sky Bread Company‘s bakers craft their breads fresh every day, and the benefits of this are two-fold. First of all, customers who come in to grab a loaf know that it’s going to be fresh, since nothing ever sits for more than 24 hours. Second of all, the hungry in Delaware are treated to up to 100 pounds of fresh bread each night—owner Patrick O’Neill donates any daily leftovers to a local non-profit.

So when you grab a whole-grain loaf at Big Sky, you can feel good about where your dollars are going and excited about dinner that night. Break a loaf of Whole Wheat Three Seed bread or try the Whole Grain German Alpine with Fruit and Nuts for something sweeter. Challah bread, Rustic Sourdough, and German Rye are a few of the other signature breads on the menu at Big Sky. The kitchen team incorporates them into sandwiches at lunchtime, like the classic chicken salad and roast beef sammies.