Car-Mira's Deli is a traditional American deli serving up cold cuts and take-away meals, as well as offering catering and basic grocery staples since 1975. Known to locals, including those living at Meetinghouse, for its delicious hoagies, Car-Mira's Deli offers three sizes, including a 22-inch that is perfect for feeding a crowd. The hoagies are stuffed to the brim with meats, cheeses, and toppings, so you might even be able to make two meals out of one!

Hoagies like the turkey and cheese and the roast beef are made with high-quality ingredients that set them apart, and unique tastes like the Nigerian and the Seafood Salad give Car-Mira's Deli a variety of great options. It has a bunch of specialty sandwiches too, or you can build your own with Boar’s Head meat. There can be a short wait, as the hoagies and sandwiches are made to order, and it closes at 7 p.m. most nights, so plan your evening visit ahead.

Car-Mira's Deli
3240 Chichester Ave.
Boothwyn, PA 19061
(610) 494-9799