If you come to Dicostanza Sandwich in Marcus Hook, PA, on a Saturday, chances are you’re going to encounter a bit of a wait. That’s not because the staff is slow, though. To the contrary, they work with surprising efficiency compared to other delis. The problem (which is not really a problem at all) is that Dicostanza has such a loyal following that it’s basically always busy. Hoagie lovers cross state lines for these sandwiches.

That should tell you that, since you’re fortunate enough to live in an apartment only a short trip away from Dicostanza Sandwich, you should be sure to check it out. Come to the shop and order the signature Italian hoagie, which is loaded with classic Italian meats and diced up house-made stuffed peppers. Or opt for the cheesesteak, a nod to the Philly favorite that patrons say no other deli comes close to outdoing. Visit Dicostanza Sandwich to sample all the delicious bites!