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Don’t Miss the Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade This Weekend

March 6, 2019

Irish settlers in Pennsylvania brought an important piece of their heritage to their new home a few years before the Founding Fathers had even signed the Declaration of Independence. The very first Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade unfolded back in 1771, a raucous celebration of the Irish holiday.

Now almost 250 years later, Philadelphians continue the tradition on Sunday, March 10th. The 2019 parade will boast 20,000 participants, from marching bands and dance groups to Irish associations and youth groups. The parade begins at 11 a.m., so find a good spot along Market Street to enjoy the sights. You can even attend a special mass at—where else—St. Patrick’s Church if you want to get a deeper look into the parade’s theme for this year, “St. Patrick, Unite Us.” 

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