What you see on the shelves at Wolff’s Apple House really depends on the season. That’s because this indoor farmers market only stocks local produce and groceries, and what’s growing around Media varies from month to month. So while you may see asparagus on the shelves right now, come June, the springtime crops will have to make way for beets, strawberries, and other summertime treats.

Wolff’s has operated this way since 1910—a family business from the start. Back then, it was basically a necessity to source food from local farmers. Today, Wolff’s opts for farms within a 50-mile radius of the store simply because that ensures the best, freshest products for its customers. There are many prepared foods available here as well from breads by Philadelphia’s LeBus Bakery to Fair Trade, shade-grown coffee from Burlap & Bean in Newtown Square.

Wolff’s Apple House
81 S. Pennell Road
Media, PA 19063
(610) 566-1680