Crispy panko-encrusted mozzarella cheese layered with vibrant Roma tomatoes, arugula, basil aioli, and a balsamic reduction. This is The Ashley, just one of the many specialty sammies on the menu at Wolf’s Superior Sandwiches. The deli made its debut in December with a lineup of simple gourmet eats, most of them served inside of a seeded roll.

The next time you need a quick and tasty lunch, step up to the deli counter and order one of the popular sandwiches. Try The So-Cal, a stack of turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato, arugula, smoked cheddar cheese, and mayo. Dig into the Death By Swine, a fully loaded sandwich with bourbon barbecue pork belly, pulled pork, smoked gouda and cheddar cheese, chipotle ranch sauce, spicy pickles, bacon, onion rings, and a pair of sunny-side-up eggs. Or enjoy a classic childhood creation such as The Corey Matthew’s, stuffed with ham, sharp cheddar, iceberg lettuce, tomato, yellow mustard, and crunchy potato chips. Schedule a tour of your future Boothwyn, PA home today!