Pretty soon, you'll be able to sit around the campfire roasting a s'more and drinking in the warm summer breezes. Until then, you can get a s'more in a cup at NanaSplits. The Mighty Marc's Campfire sundae showcases s'mores bark, hot fudge, and marshmallows piled atop your choice of hand-dipped ice cream.

That ice cream comes from Hy-Point Farms in nearby Wilmington. It's delicious all on its own in a cone, too. From simple scoops like vanilla bean and chocolate to flavors such as strawberry cheesecake and cookie dough, there's something to suit every taste in the lineup of 16 flavors. If you prefer soft-serve, NanaSplits has that, too, and swirls it into Nor'easter sundaes with your choice of candy. You can also savor water ice or layered gelati at NanaSplits.

Public Domain/Pixabay/B_Kowsky