Take Your Time Making a Selection at Sungate Diner and Restaurant, Not Far From Meetinghouse

November 19, 2015

If you love the massive number of options that a classic diner affords you, then Sungate Diner and Restaurant in Marcus Hook won’t let you down. This spot is an old-school diner through and through, from its hearty breakfast offerings straight through lunch and dinner. And it’s only a few minutes from Meetinghouse!

Kick off your day with a breakfast smorgasbord like the morning combo with your choice of hot cakes, French toast, or a waffle and two eggs, plus bacon, sausage, ham, scrapple. Premium pieces of meat like hot Italian sausage or turkey bacon are also available. Then choose coffee or tea to sip on with your meal. If you come by for lunch or dinner, weigh your options carefully because there are many. Overstuffed sandwiches, salads and wraps, chargrilled burgers and cheesesteaks—they’re all on the menu, along with steaks and chops, Italian pasta dishes, and much, much more.

Sungate Diner and Restaurant
1000 Green Street
Marcus Hook, PA 19061
(610) 494-8084