If you're not familiar with broken rice, allow Boothwyn's Oriental Pearl Restaurant to introduce you. Broken rice is basically exactly what it sounds like: shattered pieces of grain. In Vietnamese cuisine, chefs favor broken rice because it soaks up more water, resulting in stickier rice. The texture creates the perfect foundation for a special subset of dishes at Oriental Pearl known as com tam.

Order your broken rice with barbecue pork chops, grilled shrimp, or half a roasted chicken perched on top. Or skip the broken rice and dig into a big bowl of pho, a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. You can't go wrong with the classic pho dac biet, which teems with eye round beef, flank, brisket, tendon, tripe, and meatballs. The menu also showcases a mix of other noodle dishes, soups, and specialty entrees like mango chicken and shrimp.